Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we are asked, please feel free to Contact Us with any that are not answered here!

  • How are cruise costs calculated?

    Public cruises are currently $85 per person and carry up to 12 passengers. The private cruise has a flat cost of $900 for reserving the whole boat and can carry up to 14 passengers, while the public tour has a 2 person minimum to ensure operational costs are covered. Special event cost per person can vary. A service fee of 3% is charged during checkout on all bookings. Please note that if you are a single individual wanting to book a cruise, you will have to purchase 2 seats online, or you may Contact Us to see if we can match you with an existing group. If you are booking a private cruise, but have more than 18 in your group, please Contact Us to discuss your options. We strive to accommodate all potential guests, so we will do our best to work with you if you have special circumstances.

  • How many guests can the boat carry?

    We prefer to keep our public cruises limited to 12 people for the purpose of giving guests plenty of room to be comfortable. Our boat is capable of holding up to 14 guests on private cruises. If you are considering a private cruise for more than 14 people, you may contact us to discuss your options.

  • What is your ticket policy for infants and small children?

    We understand that many families have infants or young children. However, please do not arrive with additional unreserved passengers (regardless of age.) Every soul on board is a passenger (according to the United States Coast Guard.) and all passengers must be accounted for on the manifest of each cruise. It is illegal to exceed the rated capacity of the vessel and we are often running cruises at full capacity. We will have no choice but to deny boarding to your party if you arrive with extra unreserved passengers and tickets will not be refunded. Please contact us with any additional questions or if you need to book extra tickets!

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Cruises operate rain or shine, unless there is a storm system with thunder and/or lightning. If a cruise is cancelled by us due to inclement weather or for any other reason, a refund will be provided to our guests. Any guest wishing to cancel their booking must do so at least 5 days in advance to receive a refund. No refunds will be given for bookings that are cancelled within 5 days of the cruise. If you are unable to attend your cruise, please Contact Us and we will attempt to reschedule with you.

  • What is the pickup location for the cruise?

    Our cruise pickup location is currently the Pine Creek Access Area (2799 Pine Creek Road) on the north side of the lake (Not to be confused with the Pine Creek Beach Area along the same stretch of Pine Creek Rd). Please see our Cruise Information page for details. Please arrive early to the boat ramp cruise launch location (2799 Pine Creek Road) to unload your passengers and gear.  Parking is off site close by.  A shuttle will be provided for your driver to and from the parking location both before and after your cruise!

  • Are guests allowed to bring food and drinks on the boat?

    Yes. We do allow food and beverages on the boat. Alcoholic beverages are also allowed for our guests. Guests should plan to bring a cooler for keeping their drinks or refridgerated foods cold during their cruise. Our only request is that guests do not bring red wine or tomato juice (Bloody Mary mixes, etc.), as the red color in these liquids can leave permanent stains on the boat carpet and upholstry.

  • Do you allow swimming off the boat?

    We do not allow swimming, nor do we allow watersports (tubing, waterskiing, etc.). However, if you book a private cruise and want to swim, the boat can be beached to allow for a swimming break at the island.

  • Do you allow dogs on the cruise?

    We do not allow dogs on cruises at this time.

  • Do you allow fishing off the boat?

    We do not allow fishing at this time.

  • Where can I find more information or answers to questions not listed here?

    Please see our Cruise Information for more details about our cruises, including pickup location info, times, recommendations and more. If you are unable to find the answer to your question on this website, please feel free to contact us with your inquiry and we will be happy to assist you.